Abortion Facility Director QUITS!!!


This is HUGE!


From Shawn Carney, National Director 40 Days for Life:

The director of an abortion facility where a 40 Days
for Life campaign was conducted for the FIRST TIME
this spring just quit her job, thanking the 40 Days
for Life effort for helping her to get out of the
abortion industry!

This is one of TEN abortion center workers who walked
away from their jobs during this campaign alone …

… and one of 53 who have quit the abortion business
since the first coordinated 40 Days for Life campaign
in 2007.

Praise God!

This is a very sensitive situation for the former
clinic manager (who we’ve been working closely with
throughout this process), so I’m not going to identify
the person or the location. She will no doubt face
pressure when her former bosses learn the truth.

Members of the local 40 Days for Life team and
pro-lifers in the region have offered to assist this
former abortion center worker find new employment.

So please keep this courageous lady in your prayers!

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40 Days for Life saving lives in Pensacola!

5 babies were saved due to the prayers and presence of pro-lifers in front of the 9th Avenue Abortion Mill this Friday!

Be a part of this life-saving movement.  Can there be anything more rewarding?  Ask yourself this: If I could spend one day saving the life of a poor old lady from being run over by a semi, would I prefer to just watch TV that day instead?  That’s what 40 Days for Life offers you:  can you spare some time praying in front of the abortion clinic and be an instrument in saving 1, 2, 3, etc. children from a horrific death – and likewise their mothers from a scarring experience?  You are young adults with spirit, strength, and passion – don’t waste it.  Put it to good use!  Be a part of 40 Days for Life this Spring and I promise you – you will have memories worth telling your grandchildren’s children.


Story of the 5 babies saved Friday:

What an amazing day!  Today we witnessed 5 mom’s choose life at the American Family Planning abortion facility.  Vigil participants were able to talk to these mom’s.

The first mom said, ” I can’t go through with it, I’m keeping my baby.”

The next woman was walking into the abortion clinic with a friend, we smiled at her and said, “Good Morning.” She smiled back and waved. Minutes later we saw her walk away from the abortion facility and one prayer vigil participant talked to her and said, “Are you keeping your baby?”  She responded, “YES I AM.”  We  offered her information about local pregnancy resource centers and she said she was from Mississippi.  We gave her the 1-800-395-HELP so that she could find out about local help in her area, and she said, “Thank You,” and walked to her car smiling.  She waved at the prayer vigil participants as she left, with a big smile on her face.

Next we had a young man in his twenties who approached the vigil participants and said, “I don’t want her to go through with it either. I am with you guys. I don’t believe in abortion.” One prayer vigil participant asked if she could pray with him. He agreed and she prayed with him for the strength to get his friend out. He walked toward his car, then toward the abortion facility. He met up with another prayer vigil participant who handed him local pregnancy resource center information, and told him that the center was right down the street and would be open in a couple of hours. She told him that she is a volunteer there and that this would be a wonderful place to get his friend the real help she needs. He took the information and brought it to her in the waiting room of the abortion facility . Moments later as he walked away from the building, she walked out the door and hollered out to him to get the car. He pulled the car around and the two drove away choosing life.

Later, there was a woman walking down the sidewalk in front of the abortion facility, she talked to a sidewalk counselor, he handed her a brochure on pregnancy help and said to her, “Can we offer you some help.” She said, “I’m okay, I’m not going through with this at all, my baby is safe.”

The last woman was with her boyfriend and they had gone in and out of the abortion facility several times, deciding whether to go through the abortion or not. Finally they decided to keep their baby! Praise God!

This was a blessed day! The power of God’s hand at work with our peaceful, prayerful presence.

Read more at the 40 Days for Life Pensacola website

Contextual Morality

Today I met a woman who believed abortion should be legal because “life is just not perfect” and there are too many tragic circumstances that necessitate abortion.  Like what?  Like the tragedy of rape, incest, and young mothers.  This idea of contextual morality is all too rampant at UWF.  I saw it in my ethics class and I’ve heard it from every pro-abortion person I’ve spoken with.

What is contextual morality?  In a nutshell, it means you and I have human rights until it becomes inconvenient.  For ex:  Rape is wrong, but is excusable when a man ‘just can’t help himself’.  Or, child abuse is wrong, except when parents are stressed out. Thus, contextual morality does NOT guarantee protection from human rights violations.  It merely advocates human rights when its politically correct to do so, but when faced with the pressures of real life – contextual morality is a cop out, a wuss, flip-flop, a COWARD.

Morality must be consistent.  Otherwise it is unfair.  How can anything be called “ethical” or “moral” if it is not “just”?

You will most likely encounter people like this at UWF.  Be prepared for the false compassion of those who are concerned about one victim but inhuman towards another.  They see the tragedy of a rape victim but fail to acknowledge the tragedy of mass millions of slaughtered unborn children.  How do you respond to a moral contextualist?  You do not allow them to dehumanize the unborn in the conversation.  They must must must acknowledge who (plural) they are talking about.

When they talk about a victim of rape who has been impregnated, they must be reminded they are speaking about a victim of rape and a newly conceived innocent child.  Don’t allow them to pit the child against the mother.  Both are innocent. They must FIRST be convinced that you also see the tragedy of the mother and bemoan this atrocity.  How could we not??  At the same time, they need to also see the innocence of this newly conceived child, who should not be punished for something he or she could not help.  Then they need to know that peace is the answer.  Killing never heals.

They need to know that unfortunately nothing can erase the victim’s memory of the crime – not even abortion.  The damage has been done, the criminal must be punished to the full extent of the law and the victim needs to receive protection and healing.  Abortion only adds another trauma to the victim.  Rather than forgetting that she became pregnant, she will always remember the day she took the life of her child.  This does no justice to the mother.  A peaceful solution is to give the child up for adoption.  When a victim gives birth, she has the solace that despite the terrible manner in which she was impregnated, she can squelch the violence that began with her oppressor by giving the precious gift of this child to a gracious barren couple.  By the way, this is NOT something I’ve thought up myself, it is what victims of rape have already said about their experience choosing life.

Remember, any “compassion” that advocates murder is false compassion.  If we want an end to the violence of rape and incest, we will end it through laws that protect victims and punish offenders.

May peace reign in our hearts, in our actions, and soon in our society!

Tammy’s story

Tammy Holly – Michigan

At the age of 17, I found out that I was pregnant. One of my parents took me to a private physician who performed a first-trimester suction abortion on me. The abortion had been prearranged and was paid for with the bloody sum of $250.00.

I was told the procedure was very simple with minimal pain and that it would be over in a matter of minutes. I was also told there would be nothing to worry about after it was over.

I was not warned that there are physical, mental, or emotional risks attached to this abortion procedure. I was not shown any fetal development pictures or told anything about fetal development. Rather, I was told my baby was just “a blob of tissue.”

On the day of my abortion, the doctor did ask me if I wanted to go through with it. I said “NO”. He informed me that I should talk to my parent who had brought me. My parent was pressing for the abortion and had prearranged it so I felt like a frightened, trapped animal that had been backed into a corner. Pressure to abort my baby also came from the doctor’s office as they told me they only did the procedure up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. I was 11 weeks along.

The “so called” simple procedure was extremely painful for me, having only been given a shot to make me slightly drowsy. I screamed at the sound of the suction machine only to have three nurses hold me down and tell me I needed to be quiet so I wouldn’t disturb others waiting outside the room.

I left that day feeling empty, torn apart, abused and totally violated. Immediately following the abortion, intense grief and sadness overtook me,

and I contemplated suicide because of “my choice” to buckle under pressure.

Two years later, I married the father of my aborted child even though the relationship had many red flags of abuse. After marriage, I became pregnant only to miscarry at 12 weeks. I was never informed of the risk of miscarriage following an abortion.

The first live birth of my son was very difficult because I was not able to bond with him and found myself being abusive to him as an infant.

My abortion affected me in several areas: Physical through miscarriage, sexual dysfunction, anniversary reactions of illness that coincided to the abortion date, self-destructive habits of weight loss, and no care or concern for my appearance. I became a workaholic so I did not have to think about the abortion.

I will always have the memory of a child who could have been and should have been. That will never go away. Abortion hurts and victimizes women. Abortion hurt me, and I refuse to be silent. America needs to know the truth about the devastation of abortion and how it hurts women and others.

Many areas in my life were messed up and broken. I didn’t know how to fix them until I decided to let Jesus Christ take control of my life. He is the ultimate and only One who can heal any woman from the pain and destruction of abortion. Jesus can set anyone free from the pain of abuse and bondage, and He is faithful to His Word. He is the healer and restorer of all things.

Tammy is the Michigan State Leader of Operation Outcry and is the coordinator of an abortion recovery ministry at a local pregnancy care center, where she also served as director for six years and volunteer for twenty-one years.

Baby saved today!

What happens when people lovingly stand outside an abortion clinic to pray? Lives get saved.  Enough said.

Today was so exciting! In the morning, after seeing the 40 Days for Life email about abortions being done today (at the 9 Mile abortion mill), I stood resolved to finally get out there to pray again.  When I got in my car, however, it started making really weird loud sounds and the tail pipe was blowing white smoke.  I almost didn’t go on account of this as we have generally been having oddities with our car lately… but I said a prayer to St. Christopher and promised myself I’d just listen to the car to see what is going on with it at least.  When I got to the abortion clinic, I honestly felt out of place.  I hadn’t been out there in a while and didn’t really know what to do.

As usual, Mark got me updated on some news for a few minutes and just as I was getting my brains together about what to do there – a girl walked out in front of us.  Mark and I were stunned.  Accustomed to being flicked off and ignored, I quickly asked her if she needed help, not expecting anything to happen.  To my surprise, she stopped, looked at us and told us she couldn’t go through with it.  I then noticed a tiny picture that looked like an ultrasound of a baby in her hand.  She said she didn’t go through with it.

Mark and I immediately rejoiced.  He told her she should bring the baby back here when he’s born and then asked how old the baby was.  She said, 8 weeks.  I was so excited for her I gave her a hug and said “You’re a mother!”  She then said “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”  I said, do you need help?  There’s tons of help at the Alpha Center: diapers, maternity clothes, etc….  She looked at me stunned, “Really??”  I was like “YA!”  “Come with me and I will take you there right now, they’re right down the street!”  She was so happy but still in utter shock.  She had seen Mark’s picture of abortion and heard him say “Don’t go in there” – this she told me was like the Holy Spirit speaking to her.  When she heard the nurse tell her she was 8 weeks along, she seemed to have snapped out of it and knew she couldn’t do this.

After receiving help and support and love from pro-lifers today, this lovely mother had changed from sad and lost to utterly happy and joyful.  There is nothing more rewarding in the pro-life movement than this – to see a person transformed from despair to hope.  What a treasure God has given us today.  One more precious life SPARED!

Lastly, I want to leave you all with this truth.  This mother said that because people were out there praying for her – she had the courage to leave the abortion clinic.  If we weren’t there, she probably would have gone through with it.  Seeing how hard she hurt today over just having walked into the abortion clinic and almost had the abortion, this poor woman would have been in a horrific state had she gone through with it.

You and I know there is help, we care, and we know what abortion does.  We need to get out of our comfort zones and do what we know is right.  Be the hope that someone needs in crisis.  Trust me.  You’ll never regret it.

Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp’s Underage Sex Ring

As a lot of you may know, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States (300,000+ per year).  You may also know that they receive your tax payer dollars; over 300 million every year.

But did you know that their clinics all over the U.S. have been repeatedly spotlighted by liveaction.org for seriously violating numerous laws?

Below you can view Live Action’s most recent video that exposes Planned Parenthood covering up, providing discounts, and giving business advice for the sex trafficking of minors:

The testimony of an abortion victim:

As a pro-life group, we do not condemn those who have experienced abortion.  Rather, we seek to help them to see the truth that all human beings are sacred.  We must do this first by showing that they are sacred to us as well.

There are many women who have aborted for many different reasons.  It is important for us as pro-lifers to understand what led them to abortion to help prevent today’s women from feeling that abortion is their only option.  The testimony below is just one example of how one woman felt trapped into abortion, the trauma following the abortion, and how she was able to find healing.

*For other testimonies, go to silentnomoreawareness.org

If you do know someone (man or woman) who is suffering from the memory of a past abortion, there are programs that can help:

Abortion clinic Vigil Follow-up story

UWF Students for Life covered the 9th Avenue Abortion clinic,

NOT with yelling – hatred – flame – or weapon,

but with a loving presence and 12 full hours of PRAYER!

What did this do??  What fruit came of this labor??

  • 4 Lives were SAVED!  4 Lives that would not be here right now are FREE – ALIVE – and SAFE.
  • The abortionist left early because there was less business.  Abortion business = death.  Less business = more LIFE!
  • Mothers and fathers were exposed to a loving community and the Alpha Center phone number they can call for free help and support.

UWF Students for Life and the mothers and fathers and babies

all thank you for having the courage to pray vigil Friday.

Thank you! Gracias! Merci! Vielen Dank! etc.

Read below for a small account of the vigil we did:

On a week that began with Respect Life Sunday and two Jericho marches in Pensacola led by children, we were blessed to witness four mothers choose life yesterday.

My family and I arrived just before 6 AM yesterday morning.  Between 6:45 and 7:30 AM we witnessed four miracles.  After we finished the Rachel Rosary, a mother and a daughter left around 6:45 AM!    Then as we were singing the Divine Mercy Chaplet with UWF students for Life and other prayer participants, we had three mothers save the life of their baby!  One daughter came out of the abortion clinic crying while walking beside her mother.   As they moved past us I asked the mother and daughter if we could help them, she responded with a smile, and walked with her daughter to what appeared to be the family vehicle.  This appeared to be a turn-a-round because the abortionist had just arrived and women never walk to their cars across a busy street after an abortion.

One couple arrived with a Puerto Rican flag on the rear view mirror.  I knew one of our UWF Students for Life was from Puerto Rico so I asked her to stand at the edge of the driveway to speak to the couple when they got out of their vehicle.  She never had a chance to speak with them though.  That is because they never got out!  At the very end the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the couple backed up, and drove away.  We smiled and waved at the couple.  The man gave us a thumps up and smiled back at us!  Thank you Jesus!

Just after this, two young women walked past us.  They were actually two women my wife spoke with the prior day.  As they walked by us, my wife spoke with the young mother.  She asked her if she had an abortion.  Her answer was, “No, I couldn’t go through with it!”  The two women proceeded to walk to their car.  How amazing is your love and mercy, Lord!

Thank you, to everyone that has been praying during this 40 Days for Life.  Keep going in prayer.  God wants us to keep going!  40 Days for Life is only half way through.  We need prayer volunteers through October 31, and beyond until Pensacola become an abortion free city!  Let’s pray for the conversion of the abortionist and the staff.  Let’s pray for the end of apathy in our community.  Let us pray for the end of the culture of death.   In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen!


Great News!

7 babies have been saved today from brutal death

at the AMS Pensacola abortion clinic!

40 Days for Life participants were praying in front of the abortion clinic today while abortions were being done.  Their loving presence inspired courage and hope in these mothers, helping them to choose life.  Come participate with us in 40 Days for Life so you can help support women in choosing life as well as pray for the closing of this abortion clinic,  To read the story go to:  40daysforlifepensacola.com

UWF Students for Life meeting: Window inside the Womb

Details: Learn about UWF Students for Life mission and past activities,  sign-up for the powerful,  life-saving campaign: 40 Days for Life, and view a short video that shows the baby in the womb from day 1 – birth!

Where/When:  Commons Rm 272, February 24th Wednesday 7-9PM

Hope to see you there- bring a friend!

Bernadette Ensley



Great news everyone –  TWO babies were saved this morning!!!  Here is the story:  A young woman walked into the abortion clinic and then came back out crying.  She walked over to where the pro-lifers were and asked if she could borrow someone’s cell phone.  She said that she couldn’t go through with it and was calling her dad to pick her up.  She also was pregnant with twins!  This is wonderful news 😀  I can’t express how uplifting and joyful it is to be out there and see all the sadness going on- but then to hear such joyful triumph of life over death.  A young woman chose life- she chose courage- and she will be greatly blessed for this.

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