Meeting with candidate went great!

Last Thursday at UWF, both Students for Life and College Republicans enjoyed a personal audience with next fall’s Florida candidate for Senate, George Lemieux.  Both groups were free to ask the candidate any question that concerned them.  Some of the questions asked included:

  • “What are your ideas for solving the social security crisis?”
  • “What is your stance on pro-life issues?”
  • “How do you vote on legislation?”
  • “What can we the people do to get our nation going in the right direction?”

You can read about his ideas and stances regarding these topics by going to his website:

While Students for Life is not a political group, we do participate in political events to advance pro-life legislation.  I highly, highly encourage you to do your homework, look at the voting records for the candidates in your voting district and vote in TRULY, AUTHENTICALLY pro-life leaders.  When we do not vote or when we vote out of ignorance, we do a great disservice to our country as well as those who fought for the freedoms we so often take for granted.  Remember, if a candidate does not recognize the dignity and worth of human life (no matter the age), that candidate has no moral compass to make responsible legislation regarding other issues.

*Candidates that support “reducing the number of abortions” are NOT PRO-LIFE.  A little bit of killing is still killing.  We cannot afford to compromise on the most basic of values.*

Bill Nelson has been a Florida Senator since 1972!  He has promoted anti-life bill after anti-life bill amongst other bad legislation!  We cannot afford to allow career politicians like Bill Nelson to stay in power because of ignorance of the damage they create.  After meeting with George Lemieux, I know for certain that he is truly 100% pro-life and pro-America.  Because of his unwillingness to compromise on the most basic of rights, he is also unwilling to compromise on responsible long-term solutions that will be good for Florida and good for the United States.  Do your homework and vote smart!

  • If you would like to get involved with supporting pro-life leaders and legislation, please come to our next group meeting Thursday at 3PM in the room 260 of the Commons.
  • If you would like to help pro-life candidate George Lemieux replace pro-abortion Senator Bill Nelson next fall, go to his website and sign up to help out with his campaign!  Click here to sign up for volunteer opportunities:


Abortion Facility Director QUITS!!!


This is HUGE!


From Shawn Carney, National Director 40 Days for Life:

The director of an abortion facility where a 40 Days
for Life campaign was conducted for the FIRST TIME
this spring just quit her job, thanking the 40 Days
for Life effort for helping her to get out of the
abortion industry!

This is one of TEN abortion center workers who walked
away from their jobs during this campaign alone …

… and one of 53 who have quit the abortion business
since the first coordinated 40 Days for Life campaign
in 2007.

Praise God!

This is a very sensitive situation for the former
clinic manager (who we’ve been working closely with
throughout this process), so I’m not going to identify
the person or the location. She will no doubt face
pressure when her former bosses learn the truth.

Members of the local 40 Days for Life team and
pro-lifers in the region have offered to assist this
former abortion center worker find new employment.

So please keep this courageous lady in your prayers!

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Planned Parenthood: The Antithesis to Women’s Health

Thank you all for contacting our Senator to vote in favor of defunding abortion.  Unfortunately the Senate failed us and the House of Representatives caved in.  The bill to de-fund Planned Parenthood was taken out of the budget vote.  The good news is that because of your dedication and help, an amendment was passed that ends federal funded abortions in Washington D.C., which will save 1,000 lives each year.  Thank you for your efforts and dedication!

During the debate over whether to de-fund Planned Parenthood, you might have heard claims from Planned Parenthood that women’s health will suffer if Planned Parenthood is de-funded…  Below is an article that should open your eyes to the truth about women’s health and how Planned Parenthood is destroying it.

We have yet another chance this week to put the pressure on Senator Bill Nelson to vote to de-fund Planned Parenthood.  If he will not vote pro-life for the children, maybe he will at least vote to protect the women from the health epidemic caused by Planned Parenthood.  Click here for Sen. Bill Nelson’s contact information. Remember, we are his constituents.  He has a duty to listen to our concerns!


Dear Friends:

When Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards speaks about the budget fight in Congress over $363 million in federal funds for her organization, one is reminded of Chicken Little’s cry, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

She told KING5 News in Seattle that women will die of cancer if Planned Parenthood does not receive the federal funding it desires. [1] It’s an outrageous claim – even an insult to women’s intelligence – especially since Planned Parenthood is a leading cause of the breast cancer epidemic in the U.S.

Far fewer women would develop cancers of the breast, liver and cervix if Planned Parenthood would stop distributing hormonal contraceptive steroids (i.e. the birth control pill). The World Health Organization assigned the pill containing estrogen and progestin the highest level of carcinogenicity and labeled it a “Group 1 carcinogen.” [2] The study, Dolle et al. 2009, linked the pill with a deadly form of breast cancer called, “triple-negative breast cancer,” which occurs most often in women under age 50 and African Americans. [3]

Scientists agree that the best way to reduce breast cancer risk is through increased childbearing, starting at a younger age (before age 24) and increased duration of breastfeeding. By selling women abortions and cancer-causing hormonal contraceptive steroids, Planned Parenthood denies women the protective effect of childbearing, thereby causing them to lose the opportunity to mature most of their breast tissue into permanently cancer-resistant tissue.  Furthermore, there is overwhelming scientific evidence that abortion leaves the mother’s breasts with more places for cancers to start. [4]

Richards claimed that Planned Parenthood treats 140,000 patients in Washington state, and if the budget cuts go through, then 70,000 will have nowhere to go. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, there are over 5,000 federally funded health community hospitals across the country (with 86 in Washington state). That figure does not count the number of federal hospitals in the U.S. [5]

According to its 2008 tax filing with the IRS, Planned Parenthood’s mission is, in part, “[a]chieving, through informed individual choice, a U.S. population of stable size in an optimum environment….” [6] Translation: Planned Parenthood’s mission is to reduce the U.S. population, not to provide women’s health.

Hysterical feminists, like Rep. Nita Lowey, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Maria Cantwell and Senator Barbara Boxer – all of them fans of Planned Parenthood – need to get a grip on reality. If Planned Parenthood loses its federal funding, the world will not end. On the contrary, there will be fewer cancer deaths, and women will be the winners. Politicians who accept money from the abortion industry for their campaign war chests will be the losers.

Call your U.S. Senators and let them know what your position is on funding Planned Parenthood.  Click here to contact your U.S. Senator

Karen Malec
Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer


1. “Planned Parenthood warns budget cuts could mean cancer deaths,” KING5 News, Seattle, April 8, 2011. Available at:

2. Cogliano V, Grosse Y, Baan R, Secretan B, El Ghissassi F. Carcinogenicity of combined oestrogen-progestagen contraceptives and menopausal treatment. Lancet Oncology 2005;6:552-553.

Dolle J, Daling J, White E, Brinton L, Doody D, et al. Risk factors for triple-negative breast cancer in women under the age of 45 years. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2009;18(4)1157-1166. Available at:

4. Lanfranchi, A. Normal breast physiology: The reasons hormonal contraceptives and induced abortion increase breast cancer risk. The Linacre Quarterly 2009;76:236-249. Available at:

5. Kaiser Family Foundation. State Health Facts. Available at:

6. “Busting the birth control myth,” by Kirsten Powers, The Daily Beast, March 4, 2011. Available at:

The 5 Minute Challenge!

Every year, Planned Parenthood receives 350 MILLION dollars from the government.  Who do you think pays that hefty sum?  You.  Your parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, etc.  Whether you like it or not, you are forced to fund the biggest abortion provider in the nation.  Not only are we funding thousands of abortions every day, we are funding an organization that has committed the following crimes:

  • 107 criminal charges, which includes 23 felony charges of late-term abortions and falsifying documents, at the Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid Missouri;
  • Allegations of targeting minority communities across the country by willfully and in some cases, excitedly, taking donations earmarked towards aborting black babies;
  • Defrauding the State of California of $180 million in taxpayer funds;
  • Lawsuits alleging they shelter child rapists by not reporting underage rape and abuse;
  • Allegations of advising teenagers to experiment with pornography and sex without telling parents through their website for teens at (Caution: explicit content)

You might be asking yourself, “How did our country end up funding an organization this horrible?”  The answer is, someone made it happen.  Now we need to do something to turn this around because it won’t do it on its own.  That’s why I am challenging YOU, every single person who receives this email, to take out 5 short minutes of tomorrow to tell our Florida representative to support the de-funding of Planned Parenthood in the upcoming Budget Votes.  I am asking everyone of you because I know you can do it and the unborn babies need every possible person to help out if we are going to make a difference.  If Rep. Nelson gets enough phone calls telling him to do so, he will be forced to acknowledge his constituents and honestly represent them – otherwise we will vote pro-abortion.

CHALLENGE: Take 5 minutes today AND tomorrow to call FL Senator Bill Nelson at all 9 offices and say,
“Hi, I have a message for Senator Nelson.  I strongly urge him to de-fund Planned Parenthood in the up-coming Budget Votes.”

It is easy, fast, and painless. JUST DO IT!

Here are the phone numbers:

Washington, D.C.
United States Senate
716 Senate Hart Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-5274
Fax: 202-228-2183

Landmark Two
225 East Robinson Street, Ste 410
Orlando, Florida 32801
Phone: 407-872-7161
Toll Free in Florida: 1-888-671-4091
Fax: 407-872-7165

2925 Salzedo Street
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone: 305-536-5999
Fax: 305-536-5991

Sam Gibbons Federal Court House
801 N. Florida Ave., 4th Floor
Tampa, Florida 33602
Phone: 813-225-7040
Fax: 813-225-7050

West Palm Beach
413 Clematis Street, Ste 210
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone: 561-514-0189
Fax: 561-514-4078

US Court House Annex
111 North Adams Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Phone: 850-942-8415
Fax: 850-942-8450

1301 Riverplace Blvd, Suite 2010
Jacksonville, Florida 32207
Phone: 904-346-4500
Fax: 904-346-4506

3416 South University Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33328
Phone: 954-693-4851
Fax: 954-693-4862

Fort Myers
Justice Center Annex Building
2000 Main Street, Suite 801
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Phone: 239-334-7760


Divinity conceived

Today is the Feast Day of the Annunciation

a.k.a. Conception day of Jesus

a.k.a. 9 months before Christmas

Millions of Christians all over the world celebrate this day as the day their Savior came into the world.  “Why not on Christmas day?” you might ask.  When does a person become a person, a life become a life?

Is it the day that a full formed baby descends through the birth canal and begins crying outside the womb?  Is it the day the mother feels the baby kicking?  Or, is it the day a unique and unrepeatable human DNA is formed which immediately begins directing the development of this new person?  Science tells us that without a doubt, life begins at conception (Click here for proof).  Christians believe that God loved the world so much that He desired to become a human like us to redeem every aspect of our life.  He even started His life in the womb just like every one of us did.  So today is the day that Christians worship and adore a God who was temporarily made up of only one cell.  A God they believe is eternal, who created everything, stepped into human time and reigned on earth first and foremost in the womb.  Of all biblical references to the sanctity of all human life, I cannot think of a better religious proof that human life in the womb is absolutely holy and truly human than the image of God as a one-celled, developing human in utero.

Looking at the picture, you can notice the poverty of Mary.  She is also young.  Upon her acceptance, she instantaneously is immaculately impregnated with God, and chose to carry God to term despite her very real danger of being stoned to death because she was pregnant out of wedlock.  Does this story sound familiar today?  “Young woman, unable to provide for herself, endangered perhaps by abusive family members, and pregnant”.  Mary is the model of courageous womanhood.  She accepted her pregnancy as a gift from God, regardless of the social consequences.  If you or someone you know is pregnant and in need of support, help is here.

Hidden from the picture is Joseph.  He is an upright and good man.  He is betrothed to Mary; so when word gets out that Mary is pregnant, his reputation is at stake.  Many other men would have rebuked her, disbelieved her, and had her stoned for her claim that she had immaculately conceived God’s son.  Joseph is the model of courageous manhood.   Unlike the status quo of today when we see a whole sect of society living below the poverty line because they were abandoned by their fathers, Joseph’s true manhood is blindingly visible in his unwillingness to let his betrothed carry the child alone.  Listening to the advice of an angel in a dream, he took Mary into his home and foster fathered the Son of God.  If you are the father in a crisis pregnancy or care about someone in this situation, your loving support can save a life.  Find advice and help here.

What does the Feast of the Annunciation mean for the average person?  Regardless of your faith or non-faith, this story of a courageous couple and the dignity of the child at the moment of conception is something to be celebrated.  Human life is a miracle!  Scientists study its phenomenon, they can pick out various aspects of it and explain what is happening, but they themselves will say that they are only scratching the surface!  I mean, what happens to the sperm and the egg when they unite?  Yes, we know that it becomes a new being… but what happens to the sperm and the egg?????  And how do all the intricate parts of human development at its earliest stage know what to do?!?!  One thing we all know deep down inside, even if we don’t readily admit it, is that all human life is sacred.  No one has the ability to give his or herself life, no one has the right to take another person’s life.  Let’s live in a manner that shows our respect for all human life and live up to the courageous standard of woman and manhood that Mary and Joseph lived.


8 Babies Saved in Pensacola today through prayer and presence from 40 Days for Life!!!

Won’t you be a part of this miraculous campaign?  One of our Students for Life members has committed to praying at the 9th Avenue abortion clinic every Friday from 7-9AM.  Commit to a weekly schedule of your own or come with your own classmates on Friday mornings. Sign up here!




“Clergy for Choice”

The following was originally posted on 40 Days for Life Pensacola

(This is from Abby Johnson’s facebook post March 23, 2011)

Abby Johnson: Pro-life advocate
“Today, I sidewalk counseled outside the Planned Parenthood clinic in Spokane, Washington. The clinic workers were in a total frenzy. They are not used to someone speaking to clients and staff. The saddest part? They called in their “clergy for choice.” I attempted to speak to them as well. Please pray for these men and women who encourage women to abort their children in the name of Christ.”

More information on Planned Parenthood and “Clergy for Choice” (pdf)

What “Clergy for Choice” believe

This is why it is so vitally important to have our “Clergy for Life” in front of abortion facilities throughout our nation. Planned Parenthood Clergy are certainly not ashamed to stand outside abortion facilities and convince men and women that it is alright to destroy their pre-born child.


Makes us recall the poem, “Sing A Little Louder” by Penny Lea:

I lived in Germany during the Nazi holocaust. I considered myself a Christian. I attended church since I was a small boy. We had heard the stories of what was happening to the Jews, but like most people today in this country, we tried to distance ourselves from the reality of what was really taking place. What could anyone do to stop it?

A railroad track ran behind our small church, and each Sunday morning we would hear the whistle from a distance and then the clacking of the wheels moving over the track. We became disturbed when one Sunday we noticed cries coming from the train as it passed by. We grimly realized that the train was carrying Jews. They were like cattle in those cars!

Week after week that train whistle would blow. We would dread to hear the sound of those old wheels because we knew that the Jews would begin to cry out to us as they passed our church. It was so terribly disturbing! We could do nothing to help these poor miserable people, yet their screams tormented us. We knew exactly at what time that whistle would blow, and we decided the only way to keep from being so disturbed by the cries was to start singing our hymns. By the time that train came rumbling past the church yard, we were singing at the top of our voices. If some of the screams reached our ears, we’d just sing a little louder until we could hear them no more. Years have passed and no one talks about it much anymore, but I still hear that train whistle in my sleep. I can still hear them crying out for help. God forgive all of us who called ourselves Christians, yet did nothing to intervene.

Their screams tormented us . . . If some of their screams reached our ears we’d just sing a little louder.

Now, so many years later, I see it happening all over again in America. God forgive you as Americans for you have blocked out the screams of millions of your own children. The holocaust is here. The response is the same as it was in my country – SILENCE!”

Have you ever wondered HOW people could have stood by and let the holocaust just happen? Do you wonder why the Christians in this story chose to just sing their praise to God a little louder to drown out the victim’s cries?

The old man’s story is in the past. The past cannot be changed. It is easy to think we would act differently now. But the old man’s last words are haunting “It’s happening all over again in America with abortion. The Holocaust is here.”

As American Christians, we have become so comfortable in our lovely buildings and padded pews. We have beautiful fellowship halls for our many banquets. We have the latest sound equipment for our praise and worship. We have computers to keep our records. We gather together each week and shut ourselves inside our buildings. We raise our voices as loud as we can, all in the name of God.

And yet, in the heavenly realm, our voices raised in praise are drowned out by screams of agony from millions of babies who are being executed before they are born. We can’t see them. We can’t hear them. But it is happening right now!

Babies are being aborted UP UNTIL THE DAY OF BIRTH in this country. Their organs and brains are “harvested” for use in medical experimentation. In Wichita, Kansas, the smoke stack from the furnace of Dr. Tiller’s abortion clinic belches out black smoke and the sickening smell of burning flesh. These are the bodies of 7th, 8th and 9th month old babies being “disposed of”.

If the Christians in the old man’s church had done something, they would have probably been killed. That is not the case with us. We don’t even have that as an excuse for our silence.

Years from now will you be like that old man trying to explain your apathy as millions were led away to slaughter in abortion clinics? Or will you raise your voice and cry out in protest for those who have no voice! The choice is YOURS!

Who is Baby Joseph and Why Should I Care?

This child is a victim of eugenics discrimination by the health care system.

The world has taken notice of a 14-month old baby from Canada whose family has been fighting the medical establishment since October to help their child breathe. Moe and Sana Maraachli were refused a tracheotomy for their son because the apparently fatal neurological disease that the child has renders further intervention “futile.”

Working with many others, we at Priests for Life arranged to have the baby transferred to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St Louis, and I went on the medical jet to pick up the baby and his father on Sunday night March 13. Now, the child has another chance at getting better care, and the family another chance at maximizing the time they can spend with their child.

A lot of media has accompanied the event. One reporter who was not too interested in covering the story asked, “Who the hell is Baby Joseph and why should I care?”

The short answer is, Baby Joseph is all of us.

After all, the problem underlying this case is not simply one particular hospital or the Canadian medical system. The problem is a philosophy of life that says that how valuable you are depends on how well you function. The problem is a philosophy of medicine that says that if someone is going to die anyway, there’s no benefit in prolonging life. The problem is a philosophy of suffering that says we can actually determine what somebody else’s level of happiness is, and measure their misery, and that if they don’t have the good sense to eliminate it, we can step in and do so against their wishes.

If we don’t think that we and our loved ones will be affected by this philosophy when it comes to our own medical challenges and decisions, we should think again. It’s happening every day, often with subtle or not so subtle pressure from medical professionals, who, instead of rendering medical judgments, render value judgments. Doctors are not supposed to judge for us the “meaning” or “value” of extending the life of a loved one, or our own life. Rather, they are supposed to judge for us whether a particular treatment or intervention will have certain effects on a loved one or on us. They need to leave it to us, in consultation with our family and clergy, to determine what meaning or value we find in the situation.

This is what the parents of Baby Joseph, together with Priests for Life and many others, are trying to say. Baby Joseph’s parents, who want to care for him no matter how long or short his life may be, were told that this life wasn’t worth extending. It’s time to draw a line in the sand and tell the medical profession that this is not their role. “Life not worth living” belongs to a philosophy that led to one of the world’s greatest holocausts, which ended with the declaration “Never Again.”

Our efforts on behalf of Baby Joseph can actually be summarized by those two words.


Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Find out more here…


GAP at UWF: Take Advantage of This Great Opportunity!

As you all know, the Genocide Awareness Project has their display setup on the Cannon Greens at UWF.

They will be here for just one more day!

UWF Students for Life is the first pro-life student group UWF has ever had. This is also the first time any project like GAP has come to UWF. We have the unique opportunity to change hearts and minds in a place and way that they never have been before!

Many people know that graphic images are a large part of GAP’s strategy. Graphic images of abortion are a touchy subject, and for good reason. The act depicted in them is demonic and disgusting. But we need to remember that the images are not wrong. The act is wrong. The images are merely showing the act for what it is. It hurts to see them, but the images can never harm anyone. Abortion on the other hand, absolutely does and will.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, 44% of the 1.2 million yearly abortions occur among college-age women (18-24). That’s 528,000 abortions each year involving college-age women. These are our class-mates. These are our friends. We have a duty to them and their children to save them from the grief, complications, pain, and death that abortion brings.

Slavery, segregation, and the holocaust of WWII were all ignored by many people until they saw what they looked like. By the most conservative estimates, every minute abortion is legal, two children are violently murdered. We have to show people the truth to prevent abortion from lasting even one minute longer.

Here’s a video from the great organization that is making this project possible:

Please join us out on the Cannon Greens at UWF tomorrow (Feb 15th) from 9am to 4pm!

Stop by and spend any time you have in between classes or stay the whole day!

Come out and take a stand for life!

Exciting news updates!

1. Pensacola judge declares pro-abortion Obamacare unconstitutional.       Read more…

2. Pensacola abortion worker decides to leave work!

  • While praying in front of the abortion facility this week, Ernie and Marybeth (coordinators of 40 Days for Life Pensacola) were approached by a woman crying who said, “I just started working in this place and I want to get out of this job.  When I was placed here by the staffing agency, I had no idea what I would be doing in this place.”  She is desperate for work as she has been unemployed for 6 months and needs work as a medical assistant.  She was crying as she spoke to us, and it is really apparent that she is disgusted by what is happening in the abortion facility, and does not want to work their another day.  If you know of any openings for a medical assistant, please reply to this email.

3. UWF Students for Life returns from the March for Life psyched to stand up for LIFE!

  • We drove up to the March for Life Friday in two packed-to-capacity minivans.  We had a social/party Friday night mid-way, then arrived in D.C. Saturday evening.  We went to Uno’s pizzeria at Union Station, then camped out at a church hall with our sleeping bags.  Sunday we attended the National Students for Life conference in Baltimore, Maryland.  There we personally met national pro-life leaders like: David Bereit, Jason Jones, Dr. Lanfranchi, Mark Schwarz, and Kristan Hawkins!  Pumped up and educated in multiple sectors of the pro-life movement, we ended the night visiting some of the major U.S. historical sites.  We got to see the White House, Washington Memorial, the reflecting pool, Einstein memorial, Lincoln memorial, and Vietnam memorial.  Monday, we packed up, ate lunch at the Smithsonian museum of Natural History, marched at the March for Life – and in doing so, saw and met countless other college students at the March as well.  We got to hear the testimonies of women who regretted their abortion, and view with our own eyes how many pro-aborts actually protest at the March for Life.  Last year, the media either ignored the March for Life or reported the event fraudulently.  You can see what I’m talking about here. We can tell you with eye-witness authority that the March for Life is a pro-life event, and the ratio of pro-lifers to pro-aborts was and always is hundreds of thousands to 10-15 (at most).  Having seen the March for Life for ourselves, we celebrated over a cup of coffee at Starbucks and then drove back home to Florida!

March for Life pictures will be posted soon!

Breaking News!

Philadelphia abortionist charged with 8 counts of murder.

“An abortion doctor who catered to minorities, immigrants and poor women was charged with eight counts of murder in the deaths of a patient and seven babies who were born alive and then killed with scissors, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 69, made millions of dollars over 30 years, performing as many illegal, late-term abortions as he could, prosecutors said. State regulators ignored complaints about him and failed to visit or inspect his clinic since 1993, but no charges were warranted against them, District Attorney Seth Williams said……..  (Fox News)”

A Prayer for Abortion Workers

Lord, I lift up to you all abortionists and their staff, including: all technicians, nurses, receptionists, counselors, chaplains, and all who are employed or voluntarily assisting with the killing of the unborn in any way. I place each one of them in the innermost recesses of Your Sacred Heart — Your heart of mercy, compassion and love for all Your children.

I pray that they will accept the supernatural graces that You give them this day to rennounce the: the horrific killing of Your children, the psychological, physical, and spiritual harm that they are doing to women through their actions, and the tremendous spiritual, physical, and psychological harm they are doing to themselves.

Give them an abundance of courage and strength to say “No” to murder and to escape the culture of death and the constant torment and resentment that they experience in their lives.

As they approach You, encourage them to draw nearer, remove the veil that covers their eyes and blinds them to the truth. Pour out Your tender, loving mercy upon them that they will see the truth, the reality, and the consequences of their actions. Draw them into the light of your love and penetrate their souls with the light of truth, the light of Your knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

I pray this in the Holy name of Jesus through the intercession all the saints and angels.

(Full Prayer)