Free Event this Saturday!

40 Days for Life Kick-off

Get pumped up to get active in this powerful campaign by speaker Bryan Kemper, the founder of Stand True Ministries: a Christ-centered pro-life group determined to awaken the youth of this country and share the message of life and the Gospel of Christ.  Some of Students for Life members at UWF like to wear their artistic pro-life t-shirts.  Our group also participates in the Silent Day of Solidarity started by Stand True as a peaceful and dramatic way to draw attention to the millions of unborn who are silenced from abortion.

Bryan Kemper has an amazing testimony to share about how he came to know Jesus and how this new encounter dramatically changed his life and made him devote his life to pro-life ministry.  If you want to listen to someone who has literally been there and done that and been transformed by the grace of God and is now a powerful proponent in the pro-life movement, there is no better opportunity than this Saturday!

Kick-Off starts at 6:30 and goes till 8PM

Location is:

St Anne Catholic Church – Family Life Center

5200 Saufley Field Road
Pensacola, FL

If anyone wants to go, email me here.  The event will not have a meal, so maybe a group of Students for Life can carpool and get some pizza or something beforehand?   Also, this event is open to everyone, so if you know someone who could benefit from this BRING THEM!

Pro-Life Candidate coming to UWF!

UWF Students for Life will be hosting George Lemieux, candidate for Senate

at UWF this Thursday September 8th from 2:30-3:30 in the Nautilus Chamber.  He is a great candidate for Senate as he is a unabashedly pro-life.

Learn more about his stance on issues on his blog here:

He will be running to unseat pro-abortion senator Bill Nelson who has supported anti-life bill after anti-life bill.  We need to get Senator Bill Nelson out of the Senate; he doesn’t listen to his constituents when they urge him to vote pro-life and he doesn’t seem to care about America’s future: the unborn.

More details on his pro-abortion stance:

Come with all the questions you’ve ever had for this great candidate for Senate.  We really need good honest pro-life candidates to be voted in this year.  Look at all the damage that has been done by Obama and the rest of the valueless, compromising leaders who supported the pro-abortion health care bill, Mexico City Policy being repealed, mandates for laws that violate conscience-rights, etc.  Please DO YOUR HOMEWORK this fall and vote for candidates based on voting history – NOT on how cool or slick they look and what fake promises they may make.

Emerald Coast Coalition for Life Banquet: Volunteers Needed!

Event:  Annual Emerald Coast Coalition for Life Banquet

(hosted at St. Anne’s parish hall in Belleview)


Date: August 27th 6-8PM


Details:  Coalition for Life is hosting a formal dinner banquet to raise money for it’s mission to organize and support pro-life work in the Florida panhandle.  Speaking at the banquet will be Abby Johnson, nationally-known pro-life speaker who was transformed by 40 Days for Life while directing a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.  She will share her story on how 40 Days for Life helped her to leave the abortion industry.

Volunteers Needed:  We need food servers and set up staff.  If you or someone you know is able to help out with the banquet (August 27th), please contact us with your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and EMAIL ADDRESS.  We will be having a volunteer training meeting at 6PM August 25th at St. Anne’s parish hall in Belleview.


Video Clip of Abby Johnson:

Opportunities for this week

Has school kept you busy lately?  Have you been wanting to do something pro-life but just never got the chance yet?

Here’s your opportunity to get your feet wet!

Tonight: 7PM in front of American Family Planning abortion mill, Candle-lit Prayer vigil as part of 40 Days for Life campaign.  We’re half-way there!

This Tuesday and Friday: Hope Bearers Seminar!

  1. (Pro-life Sidewalk counselor training) Learn how to counsel women going into an abortion clinic :Tuesday 6 pm – 9 pm at St. Pius Catholic Church Sarto Center, Mobile and/or

  2. (Post-abortion trauma counselor training) Learn how to approach/help women and men hurt by abortion Friday, 7:00-8:30 PM at St. Thomas by the Sea, Orange Beach

This Friday and Saturday: Have fun hanging out at the Students for Life booth at the Festival on the Greens at UWF.

  1. We’ll have our table out there from 10AM-3PM both Friday and Saturday.

  2. We’re going to be doing face-painting for donations which will help our group to put on our up-coming social!

  3. Our table will help new students to find out about/join our group and even help pregnant students find help and hope!


Don’t wait for school to be over before you meet the awesome members of our group!

  • People who have the same respect for life that you do!

  • People you can work together with to SAVE LIVES ON OUR CAMPUS!

Healing for those suffering

Have you or a loved one suffered a deep sense of loss from a miscarriage, stillborn, or abortion?


Deacon Gary McBride will be offering a special healing service at 7PM on Monday March 28th at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church.  All are welcome.  Don’t feel you have to suffer in alone, love and support is available.

7PM  March 28th (Monday)



For more information: 678-7813




When has the topic of abortion ever
been talked about more than it was
this Monday and Tuesday?

Our group does countless projects to help save lives, yet I would have to say this single event has been the most powerful at bringing the tragedy of abortion to the forefront of students’ minds.  The Great Pink Elephant that NOBODY wants to look at was UNVEILED!

Did everyone have a perfect transformation?  No. I don’t think that is realistic considering many students have been taught a lie for a long time, and recovery to the truth takes some time.  What was crucial was that students were faced with the truth, clear and easy to see.  They saw the picture of the victims of abortion.  The truth about abortion’s violence is hard to ignore when the bloody reality of it is silently displayed for all to see.  I would say that those who did not admit to a full change of heart will have a hard time feeling confident in their pro-abortion stance from here on because they will forever remember what that action looks like in reality.  I repeat my sidewalk chalk message:  If abortion is okay, why are we afraid to look at it?

Not only did this event force everyone on campus to confront the reality of abortion, but it enabled us to distribute information about the Alpha Center to countless students and even brought quite a few new members into our group!  People repeatedly remarked at how peaceful, conversation-inspiring, and honest this event was.  This was our goal in supporting the event. This is Genocide Awareness Project’s goal in every event they do.  We thank them for providing this event to us FREE OF CHARGE. Many of their volunteers traveled all the way from Canada to help put this on.

Thank you everyone who attended the event, all who helped man our Alpha Center and Students for Life tables, and all who took the opportunity to practice pro-life apologetics at the event.  Most of all, thank you GAP event members, you are truly changing hearts and minds!

Check out these videos and pictures from the event:

[nggallery id=13]

GAP at UWF: Take Advantage of This Great Opportunity!

As you all know, the Genocide Awareness Project has their display setup on the Cannon Greens at UWF.

They will be here for just one more day!

UWF Students for Life is the first pro-life student group UWF has ever had. This is also the first time any project like GAP has come to UWF. We have the unique opportunity to change hearts and minds in a place and way that they never have been before!

Many people know that graphic images are a large part of GAP’s strategy. Graphic images of abortion are a touchy subject, and for good reason. The act depicted in them is demonic and disgusting. But we need to remember that the images are not wrong. The act is wrong. The images are merely showing the act for what it is. It hurts to see them, but the images can never harm anyone. Abortion on the other hand, absolutely does and will.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, 44% of the 1.2 million yearly abortions occur among college-age women (18-24). That’s 528,000 abortions each year involving college-age women. These are our class-mates. These are our friends. We have a duty to them and their children to save them from the grief, complications, pain, and death that abortion brings.

Slavery, segregation, and the holocaust of WWII were all ignored by many people until they saw what they looked like. By the most conservative estimates, every minute abortion is legal, two children are violently murdered. We have to show people the truth to prevent abortion from lasting even one minute longer.

Here’s a video from the great organization that is making this project possible:

Please join us out on the Cannon Greens at UWF tomorrow (Feb 15th) from 9am to 4pm!

Stop by and spend any time you have in between classes or stay the whole day!

Come out and take a stand for life!

Slaughter of the innocents…

In our own day and age, we have the slaughter of the innocents , the children within their mother’s womb, taking place from 1-6pm today at the 9th ave American Family Planning abortion facility.  Tomorrow from 6am-1pm @ American Family
Planning abortion facility.  AMS of Pensacola will either slaughtering the innocent tomorrow from 6am-4pm or Saturday, or Sunday, same hours.
Father, forgive them for they know now what they do. Please take some time this week to BE THERE in PRAYER outside either abortion facility in this week before we celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus.  These children never get a birthday and so we need to be there on their last day here on earth, if but only to be present and pray with them as they enter eternal paradise, and spend Christmas with Jesus.  Let us especially pray for the moms and dad’s of these precious little ones, who will forever mourn the death of their sweet child this week before Christmas 2010.