Conscience Protection for Medical Professionals under attack:

That’s right.

The same president who pledged to the graduating class of Notre Dame in 2009 to “find common ground” on abortion is now trying to remove conscience protection rights from the medical profession.

“When the Obama administration announced plans to get rid of the only federal regulation protecting conscience rights in health care, CMA swung into action and organized a coalition of nearly 50 organizations into a new entity, Freedom2Care,” he said in an email to “Our groups helped enable healthcare professionals and patients to flood the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) with approximately 340,000 regulation-supporting comments, which, by law, HHS officials must review before getting rid of the regulation.”

“Such efforts apparently delayed the administration acting on its threat until now,” Imbody said.

The advocate for medical professionals said medical workers and the pro-life people who support them need to act now to try to save the regulations.

“The government is now telling the court, in response to a lawsuit by several states against the conscience-protecting regulation, that HHS plans to eliminate or replace the conscience regulation by as early as January 31,” Imbody added. “That means we must act again to raise awareness of this threat to conscience rights, which has the potential to push life-affirming healthcare professionals out of medicine and strand the patients who depend upon them for care.”

“Whether you are a student or a doctor, federal conscience protections will have a significant impact on your ability to continue to practice ethical medicine. Don’t wait for someone else to stand in the gap on this one—take action yourself to protect your rights,” he added.”Share your story if you’ve experienced overt or subtle discrimination, contact your legislators, tell your patients and engage your colleagues.”

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Be aware of what is going on so you can act, pray, and make your voice heard. is a great internet news resource for pro-lifers because, oftentimes, news regarding the rights of the unborn gets undermined in mainstream news.

What is abortion really?

Slaughter of the innocents…

In our own day and age, we have the slaughter of the innocents , the children within their mother’s womb, taking place from 1-6pm today at the 9th ave American Family Planning abortion facility.  Tomorrow from 6am-1pm @ American Family
Planning abortion facility.  AMS of Pensacola will either slaughtering the innocent tomorrow from 6am-4pm or Saturday, or Sunday, same hours.
Father, forgive them for they know now what they do. Please take some time this week to BE THERE in PRAYER outside either abortion facility in this week before we celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus.  These children never get a birthday and so we need to be there on their last day here on earth, if but only to be present and pray with them as they enter eternal paradise, and spend Christmas with Jesus.  Let us especially pray for the moms and dad’s of these precious little ones, who will forever mourn the death of their sweet child this week before Christmas 2010.

March for Life trip: several spots left!

Hello everyone and happy Christmas vacation!

Hopefully exams went well…. and now you are all able to relax and enjoy some fun time back at home.  This email is just to let you all know that this January UWF Students for Life will be taking a pro-life pilgrimage to the Washington D.C..  We will march with 400,000+ other young adults like you in the annual March for Life!  This will be UWF Students for Life 2nd trip up there – you can look at our pictures from last year’s trip here.

There is still some space left for any students still interested in coming – so if you want to come we need you to respond to this email by December 20th.  Since our group is applying for a grant to take this trip, the cost of the trip will be very affordable.  So, to save your spot please reply with the following:


  • Full name
  • Contact phone number
  • UWF year (freshman, sophomore, etc…)
  • Why you would like to come

Trip Details:

  • Leave January 21st
  • Return January 24th
  • Saturday we will do sightseeing in the Capitol
  • Sunday we will attend the Students for Life Conference, church services available
  • Monday we will march to the Supreme Court building with 400,000+ young adults