Breast Cancer Event Wrap up

Wow!  This event was fun, enlightening, and really got UWF student attention!

We had a HUGE screen in the center of the Great Hall of the Commons playing videos and a powerpoint with information on breast cancer risk prevention; a LONG table filled with free pink ribbons and goodie bags.  We had a tri-fold that explained the facts about estrogen and breast cancer and had at least 5 group members assisting students at all times.  We closed up the event with a performance by the UWF Dance team and an inspiring testimony by UWF volley ball coach Melissa Wolter about her experience with breast cancer!

In addition, we received countless compliments from students, UWF SGA, UWF Counseling – and in general, people were REALLY surprised about the breast cancer prevention information we offered!  For all members who supported this event, UWF says “Thank you for giving us the truth and showing us ways we can help protect our health.”

For those who could not attend, here is some of the information we offered:

  • The World Health Organization has declared Estrogen as a Group 1 carcinogen (2005).  That means that it is known to be carcinogenic – not plausibly or possibly – but KNOWN to be carcinogenic to humans.

(Resources:  Here is the list of Group 1 Carcinogens listed on the American Cancer Society’s website.)

**  Note that this same organization (along with Susan G. Komen) does NOT disperse this information to the wide population of young women who are exposing themselves to this carcinogen for years- increasing their risk of breast cancer.

***UWF Students for Life considers this politically correct hiding of vital information UNACCEPTABLE and hosted this event to do what is right in spreading this important information.

  • Young women expose themselves to increased amounts of carcinogenic estrogen by taking hormonal contraceptives (Depo Provera, the pill, Norplant, IUD, etc.)

  • Young women also expose themselves to increased amounts of carcinogenic estrogen via abortion.  To understand the abortion breast cancer link better- watch the following video:

Please help spread the word about the Estrogen-Connection to breast cancer.  This information can help save many lives.  Both hormonal contraception, hormonal therapy, and abortion increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer.  Also, put pressure on all cancer organizations to stop being politically correct and start inform women of ALL their risk factors.

Further information about breast cancer prevention:


Check this out

Reminder: 40 Days for Life ends in 4 more days!  Do whatever you can to come out and pray for these people in the womb.  Without you – they have no voice.  Friday morning and usually Saturday morning is when abortions take place – that is the best time above all to be there.  Remember, you can save a life!  As always, be a presence of love and hope!

Breast Cancer Prevention Event TOMORROW!



Ever wonder why breast cancer awareness has become such a big topic today? Because in the past 30 years, breast cancer rates have tripled.  Whereas breast cancer used to be a grandmother’s disease, now it has expanded to women in their 20’s and 30’s.

Why is this happening? Overwhelming scientific studies show that both abortion and hormonal contraception increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer.  They both increase  a woman’s exposure to carcinogenic estrogen.  These two risk factors for breast cancer make for an even greater risk when used by women who have never had children before because their breast cells are immature and more susceptible to cancerous mutation.


Monday 10AM-1PM

in the Commons Great Hall:

UWF students for Life is hosting a Breast Cancer Prevention event.  We will have important information on how YOU can REDUCE your risk of breast cancer, a video testimony by a young woman currently fighting breast cancer, a performance by the UWF dance team, free gift bags, and much much more!  Men and women alike are welcome as the topic of breast cancer prevention concerns both women and the men in their lives.

Abortion clinic Vigil Follow-up story

UWF Students for Life covered the 9th Avenue Abortion clinic,

NOT with yelling – hatred – flame – or weapon,

but with a loving presence and 12 full hours of PRAYER!

What did this do??  What fruit came of this labor??

  • 4 Lives were SAVED!  4 Lives that would not be here right now are FREE – ALIVE – and SAFE.
  • The abortionist left early because there was less business.  Abortion business = death.  Less business = more LIFE!
  • Mothers and fathers were exposed to a loving community and the Alpha Center phone number they can call for free help and support.

UWF Students for Life and the mothers and fathers and babies

all thank you for having the courage to pray vigil Friday.

Thank you! Gracias! Merci! Vielen Dank! etc.

Read below for a small account of the vigil we did:

On a week that began with Respect Life Sunday and two Jericho marches in Pensacola led by children, we were blessed to witness four mothers choose life yesterday.

My family and I arrived just before 6 AM yesterday morning.  Between 6:45 and 7:30 AM we witnessed four miracles.  After we finished the Rachel Rosary, a mother and a daughter left around 6:45 AM!    Then as we were singing the Divine Mercy Chaplet with UWF students for Life and other prayer participants, we had three mothers save the life of their baby!  One daughter came out of the abortion clinic crying while walking beside her mother.   As they moved past us I asked the mother and daughter if we could help them, she responded with a smile, and walked with her daughter to what appeared to be the family vehicle.  This appeared to be a turn-a-round because the abortionist had just arrived and women never walk to their cars across a busy street after an abortion.

One couple arrived with a Puerto Rican flag on the rear view mirror.  I knew one of our UWF Students for Life was from Puerto Rico so I asked her to stand at the edge of the driveway to speak to the couple when they got out of their vehicle.  She never had a chance to speak with them though.  That is because they never got out!  At the very end the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the couple backed up, and drove away.  We smiled and waved at the couple.  The man gave us a thumps up and smiled back at us!  Thank you Jesus!

Just after this, two young women walked past us.  They were actually two women my wife spoke with the prior day.  As they walked by us, my wife spoke with the young mother.  She asked her if she had an abortion.  Her answer was, “No, I couldn’t go through with it!”  The two women proceeded to walk to their car.  How amazing is your love and mercy, Lord!

Thank you, to everyone that has been praying during this 40 Days for Life.  Keep going in prayer.  God wants us to keep going!  40 Days for Life is only half way through.  We need prayer volunteers through October 31, and beyond until Pensacola become an abortion free city!  Let’s pray for the conversion of the abortionist and the staff.  Let’s pray for the end of apathy in our community.  Let us pray for the end of the culture of death.   In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen!


Friday and Saturday: Being a hero and having fun!

Friday: 7AM – 7PM all members of UWF Students for Life are inspired to pray in front of the 9th Avenue abortion clinic.

  • We are inspired because we know we  have been spared from abortion.  We are inspired because we are people of justice, peace, and truth.  We are inspired because we know that if we don’t stand up for the unborn or reach out to the mothers and fathers in crisis, who will?
  • Beginning at 7AM, women will drive into the abortion clinic fearing abuse, giving into pressure and manipulation, forced to abort by their parents, feeling unworthy to be a parent, feeling many things…   but all of them lost, in need of your prayer.

Love them, pray for them, encourage them to choose life with your heroic presence.

Many of these women make this trip from Mississippi and Alabama.  If these women have traveled all this way in fear and pain, can we who live but minutes away muster the courage to show these women that we care – that they don’t have to do this – that abortion doesn’t have to be their fate.

Again, if we don’t answer the call to be heroic for these mothers and their children, who will?

Saturday = FUN DAY!

From 5-10PM, we invite you to come have some fun with us at the St. Rose of Lima fall festival in Milton.

  • We will share shifts covering a pro-life table with tons of balloons for the kids and pro-life information for countless people in the panhandle!  While there, we will get the chance to have fun on the fair rides, eating international food, watch live shows, shop at the vendors all while sharing shifts at the pro-life booth!  This will be a LOT of fun – so please R.S.V.P. by Saturday noon-time by responding to this email.  Details of where we will meet will be emailed back.  Carpooling is available- but you need to let us know in your email response.  Hope to see you there!

Got the guts to stand up for life?

This Friday, UWF Students for Life members will have the opportunity to be the voice for the voiceless!

A Fetus at 10 Weeks

All members are encouraged to donate one hour (or more) this Friday to pray for the unborn, the mothers, and all supporters of abortion – in front of the abortion clinic on 9th Avenue. With your loving, peaceful, prayerful presence, you can:

  • Save a child’s life

  • Witness to the community that abortion takes place in Pensacola and that prayer is needed to end it

  • Witness to all people that life is sacred

  • Experience the reality of abortion from the outside

Please respond to this email by Thursday to reserve your shift hour (ANY TIME BETWEEN 7AM-7PM).  Each hour will be covered by a minimum of 2 people, so bring a friend(s)!!!  UWF Students for Life will ensure that no one will pray at the vigil alone.  Those who come to the vigil at 7AM will enjoy free coffee and those who attend the 6PM vigil hour will go to a Cici’s pizza social afterward to celebrate the day and share stories.

***The first 4 people to reserve their spot to attend the 6PM vigil will receive a free Cici’s pizza dinner!***