Pro-Life Candidate coming to town in 2 DAYS!

This Thursday September 30th, Marco Rubio will be at the Dog House Deli in downtown Pensacola!

Doors open at 11:30AM.

Come show your support for pro-life candidate Marco Rubio!  VOTE PROLIFE!

Marco Rubio’s pro-life voting record: Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Abortion waiting period, FL Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

Disclaimer: UWF Students for Life is not a political organization and so does not “side” with any party.  However, as a pro-life organization, we do support and endorse authentically pro-life candidates.

Other upcoming events:

Sep 30th – Planning meeting for Breast Cancer Prevention event in October

October 8th – 7AM-7PM Prayer Vigil in front of the abortion clinic on 9th Avenue (American Family Planning)

October 9th – 5-10PM Pro-Life table/Fun at the Fall Festival (more details found on our website calendar)

October 10th – 2-4PM Door-to-door awareness walk

Saturday we’re going door-to-door

40 Days for Life Door-to-Door Challenge

  • How many people do you think realize that every year 1.3 million innocent Americans are violently murdered by abortion?
  • How many people know that every day alone, 3,500+ American babies lose their inalienable Creator-given right to life?
  • How many people in Pensacola know that approximately 40 innocent children are killed in our own neighborhood every week?

UWF Students for Life is challenging YOU to give Pensacola the power of knowledge!

When we’ll meet up: Saturday September 25th at 9:15AM

Where: Commons Parking Lot (front of the Commons)

Details: We’re carpooling from the Commons no later than 9:20AM to a meeting place with other Pensacola young adults.  We will receive flier-type materials to hand out door-to-door, and also receive basic information on what to say.  We’ll slit up in pairs for the door-to-door part and then celebrate our efforts and share fellowship at Cici’s pizza.  We should be back at UWF at 1:15PM.

Please respond to this email by Friday night if you are coming.

***This activity is non-confrontational.  Our goal is to equip people with awareness about 40 Days for Life.

40 Days for Life starts this Wednesday!

How many of us might have been aborted if perchance money had been hard to come by, if someone had been abusing mom, if a family member had pressured abortion, if the doctor said you were disabled- “incompatible with life”, how many of us might have been aborted…….?

Inspiring story below:

The truth is, everyone one of us born after 1973 could have been aborted –

Lord, send laborers for your harvest. Laborers to stand up for the least of these. Amen.

Claire’s Hope trip details

Everyone going on the trip to Claire’s Hope:

Meeting time: 10AM

Place: Commons Parking Lot

Directions to St. Paul’s Catholic Church

Trip Details: Everyone will carpool in Chris’s van to St. Paul’s Catholic Church (where the FL Teens group is meeting) so that we can follow them when they leave at 10:45AM.  Please help him with gas $ as he will take care of the driving 😀  We will follow to Mobile, AL (1 hour drive) and take a private tour of Claire’s Hope.  Following will be lunch and socializing/reflection on the tour.  After, everyone will return to UWF.

Things to bring: Camera for pictures. ( We’d like to post some pictures on the website. )  Also, maybe bring a notepad to write down some reactions you had to what you saw and how you felt. ( This can be purely for your own journaling, or you can email some to UWF Students for Life and we can add it to the website.)  Food or $ for food.  Madlibs for the car 😛

Have a great trip everyone, refer all further questions to the trip leader!

The Hidden Link

Yet another reason to get involved with

40 Days for Life

Friday, October 8th 7AM-7PM UWF Students for Life will be a hope-filled witness for life

Does 40 Days for Life work?

After four 40 Days for Life Pensacola Campaigns, the number of abortions has dropped:

  • From about 2,700 in 2007 (the year 40 Days for Life began in Pensacola)
  • To around 2,300 in 2008
  • To about 1,800 in 2009

A 33% drop in just 2 years!!!

For more information on 40 Days for Life or how you can get involved, click here.

Upcoming this week

This week, we have some exciting things going for our group!


Thursday, 8:30-9:45AM, we will have our weekly planning meeting.  Get to know leading members of the group and help us plan awesome, life-changing events!


Thursday, from 12-2PM, we will be featured at the Alpha Center Open House!  This is our way of showing the rest of the community that college students care about life issues.  You are invited to this event so you can see the place where your friends can receive pregnancy help as well as meet new people who just like you care about life issues!


Sunday, 9:30AM-3PM, we are carpooling to the Claire’s Hope abortion museum in Mobile.  We will join up with the new and hip FL Teens for Life group to see what an abortion clinic looks like on the inside.


Sunday, 7-8:30PM, 40 Days for Life is having it’s bi-annual kick-off party.   This will be at the St Anne Parish Family Life Center and will include music and fun!  Click here for more details.


  • Please email us by tomorrow if you will be attending the Alpha Center Open House.
  • Please email us by Friday if you can attend the Claire’s Hope trip.  We will be meeting by the water tower (gym parking lot) at 9:30AM to decide on carpooling arrangements and then leave from there.  Also, you will need to bring your own lunch or money for fast food.

Promoting a culture of life on campus…

…requires planning, time, and effort.  Tomorrow begins our first weekly planning meeting.  We will be planning a trip to “Clare’s Hope” abortion museum in Mobile (Sept 18th), involvement in 40 Days for Life (Sept 22nd-Oct. 31), this October’s “Breast Cancer Prevention” event, and our up-coming March for Life trip.

Tomorrow we’re meeting at the Commons patio at 9AM.

Every Thursday after that, we will meet in Room 265 from 8:30-9:50AM.

We have a place for you on our leadership team.  You are the future of UWF Students for Life and the voice for the voiceless on this campus.   Come – no experience required, just bring yourself. 🙂

Planning Meeting Updates

Thank you everyone who came to our meeting, shared your ideas, shared your TIME!  Thank you!  The meeting went really well – UWF Students for Life has some genuinely courageous and talented members!  For those unable to come to the meeting- here are the updates!

Weekly Planning Meetings: Every Thursday morning 9AM Commons Patio

This is open to ALL MEMBERS, and is highly encouraged.  If you cannot come to all, come to part of the meeting!

UWF Students for Life Events:

  • September 11th Prayer Vigil for the unborn – click for info
  • September 11th Community Service: Clean up the Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center – click for info
  • 40 Days for Life Campaign – click for info
  • October 20th 10AM-1PM (tentative)  Breast Cancer Awareness month: Breast Cancer Prevention event – click for info on the ABC Breast Cancer link
  • March for Life 2011 trip (January)
  • Maafa21 documentary film showing (February Black History month)
  • Dr. Alveda King speech on campus (March)

Planning Meeting Today

When: 2PM Today

Where: Cannon Greens on UWF Campus (grass area between the library and Commons)

Why: UWF Students for Life wants YOU to help plan the events for this fall and up-coming Spring.  We will know how big and how many events we can and want to have based on who comes to this meeting.  With your help we can SAVE LIVES and change hearts and minds!

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