Come see us at Fall Frenzy!

Put on your happy face for FALL FRENZY tomorrow!

When? Wednesday 4-6PM

Where? HLS Courtyard

What’s involved? free food, fun games and t-shirts, a chance to get to know your student organizations (UWF STUDENTS for LIFE will be there ;D ) , and ice cream.

***UWF Students for Life Booth will have FREE UWF Students for Life official stickers amongst other freebies that help to promote a CULTURE OF LIFE at the University of West Florida!

On “reducing abortions”…

Why reduce abortions????    Why????

Today I heard someone advocating a “compromise” between pro-aborts and pro-lifers.  The idea is that both sides agree that abortion should be REDUCED.

Let’s apply this logic of “let’s agree that abortion should be REDUCED” to another topic, let’s say child abuse.

Would you say you are against child abuse?  If so, to what extent?  Do you believe there are some circumstances for which child abuse is justifiable – or perhaps are there some situations where it is at least understandable for an adult to abuse a child?

The resounding answer is NO.The politically correct answer is NO.The TRUTH is NO.

So, if abortion is the violent killing of a living human being, an act which goes beyond harming an individual – the taking of one unique individual’s life….  (If you doubt this definition, feel free to view an abortion by clicking here)

Would you then remain content upon reducing – not ending –  the violence of abortion?

If it was you scheduled this week to be violently killed – never given a chance to write the story of your life – never given a chance to dream or know the meaning of friendship – IF THE ABORTION WAS TO GET RID OF YOU – would YOU be content to allow even that one aborted child to be YOU?

If you or anyone you know is pregnant and needs help.  Please call this number: 1-800-395-HOPE (5433) Standing against the injustice of abortion does NOT equivocate standing against women tempted to abort or women who have aborted.  Rather all are embraced.  Both persons: mother and child, deserve the freedom to heal, hope, and receive help.  There are many who want to help – who do not judge you – who want freedom and joy for you –


Pro-Life Ambassador Training:

Do you find yourself kicking yourself because you missed this Spring’s Pro-Life Ambassador Training???


SATURDAY (AUG. 14th): Following the 3PM 40 Days for Life Meeting

ADDRESS: St. Anne in Pensacola at 5200 Saufley Field Road

(the Family Life Center)

BE THERE —– OR  you will BE SQUARE!

This Ambassadorship Training series will continue for approximately 5 Saturdays.

A New Pro-Life Group!

Florida Teens for Life just became a group !

We saw them at Pro-Life Freedom Rides in Birmingham Alabama, we celebrated with them at their kick-off party, and now we are all invited to join them in their monthly “Solidarity Saturday” event.  From 8AM to 10AM, pro-life teens will pray for the ending of abortion in our city.  Let’s meet these awesome people with a purpose and “unite forces” in praying for an end to abortion.

Where: In the Hobby Lobby parking lot off Davis Hwy (6235 North Davis Highway, Pensacola, FL)

What: We will walk from Hobby Lobby to the abortion clinic behind it (1/4 mile) to pray for an end to abortion.

When: 8AM (meet at Hobby Lobby and then walk to abortion clinic) stand vigil til’ 10AM