Help Stop Pro-abortion Elena Kagan

This morning, President Barack Obama announced his nomination to the Supreme Court: Elena Kagan. Not only does she have less judicial experience than any nominee in the past 30 years, but she is also openly pro-abortion. She has publicly spoken in support of tax-funded abortion.

This is very bad for the pro-life movement. As you may know, we are just one pro-life justice away from overturning Roe v. Wade. A pro-abortion appointment to the Supreme Court could ruin our chances of overturning Roe v. Wade for 30 to 40 years!

Help us stop this appointment

Students for Life (national) has set up a petition to express our opposition. Please sign the petition. Your information is used only for the petition; nothing else.

Once you’ve signed the petition, don’t stop there. Family Research Council (another pro-life organization) has a page where you can e-mail your Senators directly.

You can also keep up with this effort by “Liking” the Stop Kagan Facebook Page.

For even more, Americans United For Life has all the information about Kagan and this nomination.

To sum it up:

  1. Sign the petition
  2. Contact your senators
  3. Keep up-to-date
  4. Get more information

Education makes abortion rare

Please take 1 Minute out of your day to help save lives!

Sign the petition to encourage Governor Charlie Crist to vote YES on HB1143!

13 week old baby

When women see the picture truth of what is living inside them from an ultrasound image, most women choose NOT to abort.  On the other hand, when women go into an abortion clinic and are told “we are removing your pregnancy” or “it’s not a baby, just a blob of tissue” they more likely will abort believing the lie that their baby is not a real baby. (Proof for this claim can be found in the study below)

In order to abuse or kill someone, it is well known that you have to dehumanize it.  The Nazis did this when their Supreme Court defined Jewish people to be NON-PERSONS.  They were described as dirty vermin in various Nazi-era writings.  The same happened to the African Americans in the United States.  They were defined as NON-PERSONS too – and considered property!  Thankfully today these lies have been uprooted.

What if white slave-owners or Nazi soldiers were forced to see the humanity of their victims?  What if they were forced to see the parents and children hug each other and have family conversations?

Today, in Florida, we have the opportunity to help mothers to see the humanity of their unborn child through the use of ultrasound imaging!  This prevents mothers from being fooled by the unscientific, ridiculous lies abortion providers say about unborn children.

We need to urge our governor Charlie Crist to VOTE IN FAVOR OF BILL:  HB1143.

More detailed information found here.

Study shows power of ultra-sound imaging to influence mothers to decide AGAINST abortion:

Dr. Eric J. Keroack, then medical director of five centers run by A Woman’s Concern in Massachusetts, studied the cases of 436 women considering abortion between October 2000 and April 2002 at a center in Revere and whose outcomes could be traced.

Of those who were considered “abortion-vulnerable” — that is, facing obstacles that they may feel incapable of or unwilling to handle but who had not yet decided to abort — 75.5 percent decided not to have an abortion after viewing the ultrasound of her unborn baby, while 24.5 percent went ahead with an abortion.

“We also observed that during the utilization of these technical advances, our clients frequently demonstrated bonding responses to their pregnancies as well,” Keroack wrote in a letter to colleagues about the study. “Our examinations were not performed with the intention of creating such responses; they were performed in a fashion consistent with accepted medical standards for diagnostic ultrasonography.”

Keroack, who later served briefly as director of the Office of Population Affairs in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, compared those figures to a similar study group from July 1998 to December 1999, before the center had an ultrasound machine.

The statistics were nearly reversed. Of the 344 “abortion-vulnerable” women whose cases were studied and whose outcomes could be determined, 61 percent decided after counseling at the Revere center to go ahead with an abortion, while 33.7 percent decided not to have an abortion.

Keroack’s study concluded: “The ability to decide one’s direction in an unplanned pregnancy is the foundational theory of the ‘pro-choice’ supporters. Allowing a patient to view her ultrasound examination implies respect for the dignity and autonomy of a patient, and her ability to participate wisely in her own plan of care.”

(Retreived from:  on May 6th 2010)