Final Pro-Life Ambassador Training Today!

Hope everyone’s finals are going well!

Today, April 28th, we will be hosting the 4th and final Pro-Life Ambassador Training. We will be learning how better to reach out to those who have had abortion and help them heal from their traumatic experience.

Where: Building 11, Room 223 UWF Campus

When: Wednesday, April 28th at 6PM

Refreshments will be provided.

Please try to join us for this unique and invaluable opportunity.

Safe Harbor Banquet with Pam Tebow

Just want to remind you all that tonight is our

3rd Ambassador training night with Aaron Chatraw.

This training series is really an awesome opportunity to learn how to dialogue about a difficult yet crucially important topic: legalized abortion.  It can and should be done in a way that is loving, attractive, and intelligent.  Come to our training event to learn how!

Remember: If we stay silent, nothing will happen.  Silence always helps the enemy, never the victim.  Women will continue to choose abortion, uninformed of the risks to their health or even knowledge of what lives inside of them.

Same place, same time: Wednesday (tonight) 6PM Bldg 11 Rm 223 Refreshments provided.

Safe Harbor Banquet with Pam Tebow:

I think you’ll be excited to know that one of the pro-life movement’s amazing leaders came to our town, Pensacola, to give encouragement to a local pregnancy resource center, Safe Harbor, and share her own pro-life story! Here’s a video of Pam Tebow telling her story to Focus on the Family for the superbowl this year:

Because of limited seating availability, only our president was able to attend to represent our group.  In doing so, she was able to network with yet another local pregnancy resource center!

Below, you can see some pictures from the event:

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Pro-Life Ambassador Training: Today!

What: Pro-Life Ambassador Training – how to be a successful ambassador for life!

Tomorrow you have the opportunity to learn how to clearly, logically, intelligently explain why human persons in the womb should not be killed.  This is your opportunity to learn how to persuasively defend the life of these innocent persons.  If you are not 100% sure you can do this already – please come to this free training seminar.  It is short, to the point, and extremely helpful!  You will also have a chance to ask questions after class about the presentation or about UWF Students for Life in general.

Where: Bldg 11 Rm 223 UWF Campus

When: Wednesday, April 14th at 6PM

Hope to see you there!

Pro-Life Ambassador Training: Knowledge session

This Wednesday, UWF Students for Life had our first

Pro-life Ambassador Training event!

It served to create a foundation for our understanding of abortion.   To be clear, Aaron presented a expansive history of abortion; what people believed about unborn children and what laws were in place.  We learned that science asserts that human life begins at conception, and with all further advancements, science continues to reassert this truth.   Also, statistical information from the CDC provided the various reasons why women aborted.  Lastly, we were informed on the various abortion procedures employed for younger to older unborn persons.

All this information has set the stage for us to fully grasp the topic of abortion in our country and time. This has prepared us for this upcoming week’s presentation on “Wisdom & Character.” (Wed,6PM,Bldg 11/Rm 223)

  • Wisdom: Knowing the facts, having extensive knowledge on a topic, having expertise.
  • Character: Employing an artful method, having an attractive manner.

For those who could not attend the first Pro-Life Ambassador event, we recorded it and will have it available online soon along with notes!  This can all be used whenever someone asks you about why you are against abortion. You can then show that you have looked deeper than the pro-abortion sing-songy slogans and studied the issue thoroughly.

Trust me. I have encountered many “pro-choicers” (as they say) who do NOT expect to hear sound logic when they speak to a pro-lifer. Prove ’em wrong.  Remember, your beliefs are founded by irrefutable scientific facts and true logic.  If they don’t let you get a word in, it’s because they are afraid of the truth you hold.  Be kind, be friendly, and speak the truth 🙂

Short video for thought: The Miracle of Life


Pro-life Ambassador Training Today

Tonight was great!  The movie was awesome, we got to meet some really nice people who came, and we got to learn about all the resources and free help available through the Alpha center!  Thank you everyone for your interest and your help!

Today, we are having our first-ever Pro-Life Ambassador training!

Where: Bldg 11, Rm 223

When: 6PM, Wednesdays beginning April 7th (today)

Why come to this event: For us to be able to make any imprint in the world so that all human persons are respected and protected, we have got to be active.  One part of being an active pro-lifer is “talking the talk.”  You may instinctively know that it is just plain wrong to kill and innocent human being- even if it is a young person growing in the womb – but when you are on the university campus, in the business world, talking to politicians, or just explaining it to someone of a different mindset-you will do much better if you can explain the truth about the dignity of human life Clearly, Concisely, and Kindly.

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Tuesday “Bella” Movie Night!

Hello, everyone!

I hope you all are doing well!  The end of the semester can be hectic and leave you drained, but keep moving on towards the summer horizon!  We’ve got an event coming up that we are very excited about.  We have gotten permission to show the movie “Bella” at the University Commons Auditorium on Tuesday, April 6th, at 7 p.m.

We’ll have free food and drinks, so get there early to get a good seat and some good food before we run out!  Also, we’ll have information about our local pregnancy resource center (Alpha Center) available, as well as a special message from one of the Alpha center’s volunteers!

Come out for an evening of fun, relaxation, and a message of true love.  We would love to see you all there!  Bring as many friends as you can!

To find out more about the movie, go to this link.