Be there tomorrow: 40 Days for Life!

Babies are going to be killed tomorrow at the AMS Abortion Mill

Come be a part of the peaceful 40 Days for Life vigil!

Last weekend 7 babies were saved !!! If no one was there last week, imagine where those babies and those mothers would be now…? Who knows what an influence your loving presence will be to some of the women?

**Visit this page to get directions to AMS of Pensacola.**

Your president will be there from 7-10AM, so if this is your first time – you can ask her questions and feel more comfortable knowing someone there. I hope you can bring your pro-life presence to the abortion clinic with us!

Feel free to bring a friend too 🙂

Information about Abortion:

What does the baby look like in the womb?

Human Life Quick-Facts

What is known abou the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link?

Abortion Experience Testimony

Other abortion testimonies

What the pro-aborts don’t want you to know

Window to the Womb: UWF SFL 1st meeting!

When: (Today) February 24th, 7-9PM

Where: UWF Commons Rm 272 (upstairs)

Event Contents:
Find out about UWF Students for Life’s mission
Hear first-hand accounts from our trip to the March for Life
SEE the scientific facts on human life in the womb
Meet other people who care about human life
Sign-up for pro-life opportunities
Hope to see you there!
Bernadette Ensley

Great News!

7 babies have been saved today from brutal death

at the AMS Pensacola abortion clinic!

40 Days for Life participants were praying in front of the abortion clinic today while abortions were being done.  Their loving presence inspired courage and hope in these mothers, helping them to choose life.  Come participate with us in 40 Days for Life so you can help support women in choosing life as well as pray for the closing of this abortion clinic,  To read the story go to:

UWF Students for Life meeting: Window inside the Womb

Details: Learn about UWF Students for Life mission and past activities,  sign-up for the powerful,  life-saving campaign: 40 Days for Life, and view a short video that shows the baby in the womb from day 1 – birth!

Where/When:  Commons Rm 272, February 24th Wednesday 7-9PM

Hope to see you there- bring a friend!

Bernadette Ensley

40 Days for Life kick-off!

Today begins the 40 Days for Life campaign!

Come to the Kick-Off prayer vigil tonight at 7PM in front of the AMS of Pensacola!

Bring a flash light and a spirit of love.  The president has made some arroz con habichuelas- so feel free to celebrate the beginning of this powerful prayer campaign to end abortion!

40 Days for Life recap:

This is a very powerful 40 day-long event in which people of all faiths pray for an end to abortion, and specifically for the closing of Pensacola’s last-standing abortion clinic: AMS Pensacola.  Last year, we focused our prayers and peaceful pro-life presence in front of the “Health Center” abortion clinic on 9th Avenue.  The day immediately after 40 Days for Life had ended, the abortion clinic was FORCED TO CLOSE ITS DOORS!!! God works in mysterious ways – and it was by no coincidence that this abortion clinic had been finally caught for having an unlicensed clinic lab for over 413 days! God does work miracles, and if we want abortion to be unwanted, unthinkable, and illegal – we need to actively pray for this to happen.


…come attend UWF Students for Life

first meeting of the year!

Meeting place: Room 272 in the Commons (upstairs)

Time: 7PM

Meeting will include: COOKIES!!! welcoming new members, and ice-breaker, March for Life pictures, we will watch an amazing video Bernadette calls “A window to the womb,” and sign-up opportunities for up-coming events.


Hey everyone!

Belated Christmas wishes in February

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break!  Yes, I do say “Christmas break” rather than “winter break” because that is the reason for the break; the reason why we have always had our school semesters designed to break around the month of December.  During this time, we acknowledge if not praise the powerful and historical story of a baby born of one simple young woman.  A woman who encountered very difficult circumstances, but at the same time trusted in God’s providence … and then gave birth to a King who would redeem all mankind.  This is the hope we bear as pro-life students: that each human life has infinite worth and potential!  Regardless of your faith background, I hope at least this hope-filled recount touched your heart during a wonderful several weeks off from school!

March for Life wrap-up

Following our break, UWF Students for Life made its first-ever trip to Washington D.C. to get a taste of the super large pro-life march.  This year, we had an estimated 400,000!!!  90% being young people – abortion holocaust SURVIVORS – taking a stand against the unjust ruling of Roe v. Wade and the other degrading rulings that mark our history!

We saw great numbers of college students, such as the group from Notre Dame numbering in the HUNDREDS.  We saw highschoolers, middleschoolers, kids, toddlers, babies, young parents, and even a couple older parents…  If anyone tells you that the March for Life is for senior citizens, they have not set foot NEAR the March for Life!

To find out more about our experience, come to our first UWF Students for Life meeting this February 24th (Wednesday) from 7PM-9PM in the Commons Room 225.

Also, don’t forget to check out our pictures from the March on our website!  We will definitely be going up to the March for Life next year, and with many more people.  Start saving up now and thinking about who else might like to go, and I will do my part to keep you posted about trip planning.

Upcoming Events:

  1. 40 Days for Life (February 17th-March 28)
  2. First meeting: February 24th, Wednesday 7-9PM Commons Rm 272
  3. Panhandle Run for Life opportunity March 27th
  4. Tentative Movie night: “Bella” 2nd week of April

More details to come….

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentines Day, etc…

Bernadette Ensley