March for Life trip: last day to reserve your spot!

January 9th is the last day UWF Students for Life is accepting reservations for the March for Life trip!!! If you have already emailed us this December to tell us you want to come, please do so one more time so that we know you want to carpool to the March for Life.  Thus far, the only people we know are carpooling to Washington D.C. are those who have emailed us this January.

**Cost: $135 per person (gas and lodging)

Please include the following:

1) Driver/or Rider

2) Phone number

3) Emergency Contact name and phone number

4) Home address

If you cannot participate in the carpool, but want to do something pro-life on the anniversary of the legalization of abortion, here are some ideas:

-Get people together to pray for an end to abortion at church, home, on the street, or in front of Pensacola’s courthouse

-Have a special church service to pray for an end to abortion

-Hold pro-life signs on the side of the road “Respect Life” “All human life is sacred” “Abortion hurts women” etc…

-Post something pro-life on Facebook

Hope you all are having a great new year, and remember- if you want to come to Washington D.C. with us- you must email me by Saturday, January 9th 2010


Bernadette Ensley

March For Life Plans

The plans for the trip have been finalized!!

Those who would like to go to the March for Life with the UWF Students for Life group will be carpooling together in a caravan.

We will begin our drive up to the Capitol Thursday morning at 6AM and arrive in Arlington, Virginia around 9:30PM.  The driving will be shared so that no one gets drowsy and we will stop to stretch our legs from time to time.  We will get lots of restful sleep Thursday night at our hotel and wake up refreshed to march the 6 hour-long March for Life, which begins at the mall and ends at the White House.

There will be speakers at the White House and people from all over the world marching alongside us!  We will hear accounts from women and men who have suffered the agony of abortion, leaders speaking out against abortion, and maybe even the account of some people who have survived abortion.

Saturday, we will have time for sight-seeing and relaxation before our trip back home on Sunday.

$$$: The cost of the trip per person depends on the type of car they travel in and the number of people sharing a room.  The cost of round-trip carpool transportation will be anywhere from 45-70 dollars.  The cost of lodging will be around 20-30 dollars a night per person, with four people to a room.

RSVP: If you would like to come, you must email me by January 10th to come on the trip.  Please respond as soon as possible!