Pro-Lifers going to March for Life: Update

Dear pro-life friends,

I did not receive enough confirmed travelers for the March for Life bus trip to off-set the overall cost of our reserved charter bus.  I got 26 total confirmations and 23 uncertain responses (maybe’s).  I was hoping the “maybe’s” would opt to come at the last minute- but this did not happen by the due date (December 29th).  We could have made the trip with at least 45 travelers confirmed- but having only 26 would make the bus trip cost 245 dollars per person.

Pro-lifers wanting to go to the March for Life- Don’t Lose Hope!!!  My alternative plan for the March for Life trip is to carpool up the Washington D.C..  For those who need rides, please email me.  For those who have a car and would like to help drive, please email me as well.  This way, I can network drivers and riders.

In addition, I have contacted a coordinator from a nearby pro-life group who will be taking a private charter bus to the March for Life.  If there is room for other passengers, I will send out an email.  In addition, if this group has too many people wanting to go to the March for Life- perhaps enough to fill our bus to at least 45 travelers- I will also send out an email.  Currently, the pro-lifer-friendly bus company: GulfCoast Tours has allowed us some lee-way time to cancel, so I will send out another update this week with the final plan- the plan with the greatest benefit for those trying to go to the March for Life.

In addition, you can be certain that I will be coordinating another bus trip to the March for Life next January! So come Springtime… start saving up your allowance 🙂  With many months of preparation time, I wouldn’t be surprised if we could get two bus loads up to the March for Life next year!

Lastly, if anyone cannot attend the March for Life but would like to support another traveler to be able to represent them- please email us.  We have several students at UWF who only have enough funds to survive during the semester but who would truly benefit from this opportunity!

Thanks and I wish you all a very blessed new year!

Bernadette Ensley

March for Life: BUS RESERVED!!!!

That’s right!  UWF Students for Life has reserved a charter bus for the trip! 😀

Now, all we need is people to fill the bus!

The bus has room for 55 people.  Will you take up the opportunity to participate in this historical protest; to physically show your utmost support for the dignity of human life?  Most – if not all – of you are SURVIVORS of the abortion holocaust, which began after the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade ruling which legalized the prejudiced killing of human beings living in their mother’s womb.  Now you have the chance to stand up for your peers who were killed, the friends you should have had, the people who should have been allowed to live.

Many of you are deciding what you want to do with your college experience… or maybe experiencing for the first time what it means to make decisions for yourself now.  Why not do something truly amazing – something that will both change your life and change the lives of others.  Be a hero and stand up for life with us in Washington D.C.

Ways to get there:

  • Ask for money for this trip for Christmas – little amounts here and there add up!
  • Send a hand-written letter to your church of worship or to an organization you are a part of to see if they would consider donating some money to help you to support human life.
  • Offer to do chores for people you know – or who your parents know – and ask for a donation toward your trip (during the holidays, many people could use an extra hand around the house, yard, or with babysitting).
  • Put on a bake sale by yourself or with a friend.  Your sincere efforts to raise money for a good cause will be evident and people will want to donate.
  • Be creative! Email me your ideas 🙂

We are doing all we can to get the word out about this amazing trip, but we certainly cannot do it without your help.  If you can come, email me as soon as possible, or at least before December 28th.  If you cannot come, tell friends and family about it.  This trip is open to all pro-lifers who are in good physical shape to walk the 6 hour long march to the White House.

Pictures of the 2008 model bus we will be taking:

Interior (front view) Interior (rear view)

You can check out Gulf Coast Tours website here.

More information about the trip to come…


Bernadette Ensley