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Hey Everyone,

There are only three more days left of 40 Days for Life! Let’s finish well and try to come out one more time to pray! UWF Students for Life will be out there officially as a group this Friday at 7AM. If this doesn’t work for you, feel free to go out and pray at another time Friday, Saturday, or Sunday if you’d like… If you would prefer coming out in a group, bring some friends or check the 40daysforlifepensacola.com vigil schedule to see other times when other participants will be present.

Overall, two THOUSAND lives have been saved by the prayers and presence of all participants in 40 Days for Life! Not only that, but awareness about the reality of abortion has spread throughout the nation- transforming hearts and bringing people to healing.  This is something to be celebrated!  Come celebrate with us and many other pro-lifers this Sunday from 12-1.  We will be having a “Jericho March” in front of the abortion clinic!  Bring a home-made poster if you’d like- you can get ideas for signs online.  Some I like are “All Human Life is Precious,” “Choose Life,” “Abortion hurts women,” “Adoption: the Loving Option”…  The bigger the Jericho March- the better… come show your support for human life with us!

Lastly, we will have our second social this Wednesday at 6:30 PM in the Nautilus Chamber in the Commons.  If you need help finding the Nautilus Chamber, the Help Desk downstairs can help.  The theme for this social will be “Apologetics: Question and Answer.”  Bring any and all questions you have every had about the pro-life movement.    We will also watch a pro-life themed show episode from Law & Order to get our discussion going.  Come, enjoy some snacks, fellowship, and interesting discussion!

Best regards and Happy Halloween!

Bernadette Ensley

Silent Day of Solidarity tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Silent Day of Solidarity!

All you need is self-restraint to be silent for 1 day, printed out flyers, and a piece of tape that has “LIFE” written on it (put it over your lips, on your shirt, on your sleeve, somewhere people can see).  If you have any last minute questions- just read the faq.  Here is the link to the flyers you will need to have in order to explain why you are offering up your voice:  flyer printouts.

I have our group registered on the silentday.org website, so if you participate- be sure to let us know how things go: email us.  Remember, you will never know the impact of even the smallest thing you do on behalf of those in need.  In this case, we are recognizing and protesting the disregard and ultimate disrespect for the human beings in the womb.

Let us not forget, we were once there too- just a young little “blastocyst” “embryo” or “fetus”…. Blastocyst, fetus, and embryo are just words for human development- just like infant, toddler, and adolescent.  Should adolescents be allowed to be killed just because they are not fully matured?  In fact, many might even say they are inconvenient trouble-makers- wouldn’t this reinforce the mother’s right to terminate them?  In reality we all, young and old alike, are on the same path of maturation and growth as normal, living human beings.  No one should be murdered, age is no excuse.

Lastly, if you were born after 1973, you have even more reason to protest the ridiculous disrespect for young people’s right to life.  For nine months in your mother’s womb, your personhood was reduced to a thing, a blob of tissue, and inconvenience.  Only after you had been delivered could you be safely protected from a murderer.  We must constantly remind ourselves of this and speak up for our brothers and sisters who are now experiencing their 9 month period of uncertainty – possible death.   Be the courageous big brother or big sister that these young people need you to be!

Join us tomorrow to offer up your voice to recognize the unjust disregard of the human persons in the womb.  Good luck and be courageous!

Best regards,

Bernadette Ensley

Today’s vigil a success!

Just a quick note about this morning’s vigil/peaceful protest at the 9th Avenue abortion clinic.

We had 12 members of UWF Students for Life in all!

That’s a great turnout for our first vigil! Even though it was raining, cold, and really early (5:30am), our group was there to defend the defenseless.

It really makes a difference when college students take a stand. We are survivors of this holocaust. We are the next generation of mothers and fathers. We have the most powerful voice on this issue.

To see pictures from this morning, take a look at our gallery page.

Thanks so much to everyone who came. We will be doing this again soon!

Vigil this Friday!

UWF Students for Life members and many others will be coming out to pray for the unborn babies this Friday.

Friday at 5:30AM is when abortions are done at the 9th Avenue abortion clinic. This is the time when prayers and presence are most needed. Just imagine: you could save a life. You could touch the heart of a mother and help her to see how much love that we have for her and her child; that she doesn’t have to go through with the abortion (as parents or boyfriend or others have most likely pressured her to do).

Come and step outside of your comfort zone to help the voiceless unborn. At the least, you can say that you were there on their behalf the day they were rejected and killed; that you, you did not forget him or her. This is one of the most powerful experiences I have had in my life; to be a hero and stand in honor and love for the poor unborn children who will be killed and thrown in the trash.

If you are a Christian, just think: If you could have lived during the time of Christ’s passion, where would you want to be? At home, or at the foot of the cross? Every human being is made in the image of God, so when human beings are rejected and unjustly treated, it is the same as doing it to Jesus.

You do not have to be a Christian to bear witness to the precious unborn or to hold up a sign that has “ALPHA center (Pregnancy Resource Center) 479-3616 We Can Help!” and perhaps make a profound impact on that mother to save the life of her baby.

I prayerfully urge you to consider coming out to pray and be a presence for the children and the mothers. We had twins saved this past Friday and hope all the babies will be saved this Friday.

We are trying to get 30-40 people out there this Friday. Please RSVP at the Facebook event page or by email. All questions welcome!



Great news everyone –  TWO babies were saved this morning!!!  Here is the story:  A young woman walked into the abortion clinic and then came back out crying.  She walked over to where the pro-lifers were and asked if she could borrow someone’s cell phone.  She said that she couldn’t go through with it and was calling her dad to pick her up.  She also was pregnant with twins!  This is wonderful news 😀  I can’t express how uplifting and joyful it is to be out there and see all the sadness going on- but then to hear such joyful triumph of life over death.  A young woman chose life- she chose courage- and she will be greatly blessed for this.

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Upcoming events!

Dear friends,

I hope you are all doing well… Any news, any exciting stories you would like to share about a pro-life situation?  This past Friday, our vice president told me that while praying out in front of the 9th Avenue abortion clinic, a baby was saved!!!  Your prayers really do make a difference-  thank you for all your prayers!  If you have had any pro-life moments recently, feel free to share them with us so we can see how our group is making a difference 🙂  If you’d like, we can post your story anonymously and others can benefit from your experience.

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